Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska. Elspeth and Erik descending Eroded Mountain, looking north towards the “gates.” July 2018. Photo: Sarah Kellogg

Erik and Elspeth wheeling over the Chemin Peabody portage in Quebec on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in June of 2012. Photo: Emily Broderson

Atop Averau looking towards Rifugio Nuvolau near Cortina, Italy. July 2019. Photo: Erik Pieh

Crow pose on top of the Torre di Toblin with the Tre Cime in the background. Dolomites, July 2019. Photo: Erik Pieh


The following images were initially intended to be in Going the Distance: Piecing Together a Life of Adventure but then Elspeth thought better. She knows as a reader how tempting it can be to look at the photos in other memoirs that ultimately give away the ending. She also wanted to let her readers conjure up their own visions but if you want to know what that 3 person side-by-side bike looked like that Dad made, or the disappointment on Elspeth and her brothers faces at the summit of Little Devils Tower looking towards Harney Peak, or how Elspeth looked competing in her first Chippewa Triathlon, scroll down.

Elspeth’s Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1984.
Elspeth, around 18 months of age, on her first canoe trip with Mom.
Elspeth, Leif, and Dad on a canoe trip (Mom was there, too, and took the photo) likely in 1989.
Elspeth helping Dad paint the Agassiz Queen in their south Minneapolis backyard, circa 1990.
The side-by-side 3 person bike Dad put together. It never made it for a test drive:)
Dad’s bicycle shop opened in 1995. Mom made the sign.
Dad, Elspeth, and Leif in the Boundary Waters in 1996.
Leif, Elspeth, and Reid on top of Little Devil’s Tower with Harney Peak in the background in 1997.
The house in Bemidji.
Elspeth and Leif “competing” in the Minnesota Finlandia Northwoods Tour circa 2001.
Kathryn and Elspeth racing in their first Chippewa Triathlon, ages 14 and 17, in 2002.
Team “Moo Juice” teamed up for their first Chippewa Triathlon.
Elspeth tagging off to Erin at the December 2002 Mt. Itasca Relay Meet.
Elspeth scraping the glide zone of Leif’s ski while Dad applies klister in the kitchen (2003).
Elspeth’s maternal grandpa came to this ski race in Mt. Itasca but left before her and her brother started racing (2003).
Leif and Elspeth waxing in the kitchen circa 2003.
At the Zenith of her performance, Elspeth races the anchor leg of the Coaches Relay at Giants Ridge in 2003.
Hot pink girls, Kathryn and Elspeth, ready for the 2004 Chippewa Triathlon!
A faster canoe and carbon paddles! The weird pad things on the life jackets are to help with portaging.
A better way to portage the canoe.
Mom and Mika.
Elspeth finishing her second Birkebeiner, 2005.
Leif (left) races against Lars Ellefson in a high school ski meet at Beuna Visit circa 2005.
Racing the City of Lakes Loppet, likely 2006.
The Bemidji XC Projekt gets serious- root bear floats after roller ski sprints in the high school parking lot.
“Twins”- passing Jordan just before the finish of the 2008 Noquemanon. Photo: Jordan’s dad
Erik racing the Birkie circa 2005- awesome fashion, model technique, and retro equipment.
Elspeth paddling down the aisle, 2008.
Erik and Elspeth paddle downstream after their wedding. Photo: Doug Kern
Elspeth racing the City of Lakes Loppet in her new hot pink polka-dotted suit that Erik sewed, 2014. Photo: Bruce Adelsman
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