Cross-country skier

Elspeth has been cross-country skiing for as long as she can remember and racing since age 16. After skiing for the University of Minnesota Nordic ski club and racing while living in Rochester, New York for four years, she has been racing for Vakava since 2014 and frequently blogs about her ski training and racing.


Elspeth has been writing since she learned how to read. She’s accumulated academic accolades, won essay contests, and blogs for her ski team. Her memoir, Going the Distance: Piecing Together a Life of Adventure about the mental and physical struggles of competitive running and cross-country skiing in high school and beyond, in her tenacious but mostly futile attempt to be the best, launched November 2020.


Elspeth’s many adventures have spanned the United States with some dabbling in Canada and Europe. She has an insatiable desire to climb mountains and paddle new waterways all the while traveling as light and fast as comfort allows. As far as she knows, she shares the FKT on the NFCT with her husband and friend.