Backpacking the South Carolina and Georgia High Points

I know both the South Carolina and Georgia state high points have roads to the top but I prefer to shed some sweat, blood (read on), and tears on my journey. What ensues is a tale of two backpacking trips, plus some bonus photos from Charleston because yet again, as with Arizona and Colorado andContinue reading “Backpacking the South Carolina and Georgia High Points”

Backpacking Alaska’s Chugach State Park

Like most plans, this year’s backpacking trip didn’t quite come to fruition as anticipated. This trip was motivated by a combo of wanting to visit our friend, Claire, in Anchorage and see some glaciers before they melt. I scoured a map of Chugach State Park, the fourth largest in the United States, and found aContinue reading “Backpacking Alaska’s Chugach State Park”

The Nevada High Point and Backpacking Southern Yosemite

My motivation for this trip was to bag the Nevada high point, Boundary Peak. As with Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, I combined this with a medical conference just south of Yosemite. After our Wind River Range trip this summer, I realized our itinerary, including a four-day-65-mile-16,000-foot elevation change backpacking loop based out of Luken’sContinue reading “The Nevada High Point and Backpacking Southern Yosemite”

The Great North Wind River Range Backpacking Loop + Tourist Creek

Wherever we go backpacking, we always try to do loop routes. Apparently, as was true on our Beartooths trip in 2017, and now on our North Wind River Range trip, the trails don’t always connect into a circle and often skirt the most majestic mountains and instead stick to lower passes and valleys. Enter off-trailContinue reading “The Great North Wind River Range Backpacking Loop + Tourist Creek”

The Bighorns Medium-High Route

You’ve heard of the Sierra High Route. You’ve heard of the Wind River Range High Route. But have you heard of the Bighorns High Route? Have you ever even heard of the Bighorns?  I had because of my dad. And then I found his old 1970s map of the area. Located in north central Wyoming,Continue reading “The Bighorns Medium-High Route”

Backpacking the Superstitions

Located just east of Phoenix, Arizona the Superstitions are a mountain range with lots of opportunity for day hiking, but also for backpacking if you know where to find the springs. We did this trip in early November of 2019 when it wasn’t quite so so hot! We spent three nights out in the wildernessContinue reading “Backpacking the Superstitions”

Pecos Wilderness Backpacking

In many respects, after hiking off trail in the Beartooths the year before and above the Arctic Circle in Alaska earlier in the year, I wanted an easy New Mexico hiking trip. Easy means trails and that’s at least what I thought I wanted but as I planned and scouted a route, my eyes driftedContinue reading “Pecos Wilderness Backpacking”

Backpacking and Packrafting Gates of the Arctic National Park

Alaska has been on my radar since I learned the place existed. It’s larger than life and has mountains. But it’s huge with infinite places to explore. In 2015 I saw photos from Gates of the Arctic National Park and decided we had to go there. After much planning and changing our itinerary, we eventuallyContinue reading “Backpacking and Packrafting Gates of the Arctic National Park”

Backpacking the Beartooths: One Epic Loop Including Whitetail Mountain and the Montana High Point

Located in south central Montana, near Yellowstone National Park, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Custer Gallatin National Forest is home to some of Montana’s highest mountains, including the state high point: Granite Peak. It’s also only a long day’s drive from the Twin Cities. In August of 2017 Erik, myself, and our friend Craig, headedContinue reading “Backpacking the Beartooths: One Epic Loop Including Whitetail Mountain and the Montana High Point”

Backpacking and Day Hiking Banff National Park

In late June of 2017 I had the opportunity to go to a medical conference at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Erik and combined this with a four day backpacking trip in Banff National Park before doing three day hikes in the afternoons after my conference. If there was any downside to this trip (andContinue reading “Backpacking and Day Hiking Banff National Park”